Exclusive "Boarder Only" Facility Use Hours
Saturday & Sunday 5pm - 8pm


PHC's Boarding Program - General Information and Rates

Basic Board - $825.00 per month
Basic board includes the following: a stall with a door, bulk sawdust bedding, 7 days per week mucking, hay, feed, water, turn in/out, blanket/un-blanket, boots on/off, and feeding of medications and/or supplements provided by owner.

Exercise Board - $1,425.00 per month
Includes basic board and 3 one-hour exercise rides per week (groom, tack, light hacking or lunging and cool out), maximum of 12 per month.

Training Board - $1,525.00 per month
Includes basic board and 3 one-hour training rides per week, maximum of 12 per month.

Veterinary Services - You are welcome to use the Veterinarian of your choice.  If you are new to the area we will be happy to recommend a doctor, however; you must keep your horse current with the Potomac Horse Center health program.  Please see the stable manager if you are interested in joining this program with Damascus Equine Associates.  You will be billed directly by the Veterinarian.

Farrier Services - Boarders are responsible for scheduling shoeing and paying the blacksmith directly.

Equine Dentistry Services - Our dentist visits periodically throughout the year.

Turn Out - We have two large fields for mares and three large fields for geldings which are turned out in herds, as well as several smaller paddock areas for small groups or private turn out. 

Small Paddocks and Private Turn Out - Horses not included in groups are turned out within the same time frame as the herd, but generally do not receive the same amount of time outside.

Feed and Hay Times - Approximately 7:00am, 11:00am, 3:00pm, & between 7:00 - 8:00pm.

Arena Use - Horses & Riders in lessons have the right of way at all times.  Boarders are always welcome to share the arenas, but please ask the instructor's permission to enter and exercise caution when sharing with lesson riders.  You may not lunge, crack whips or jump while using an arena during lessons.

Rider Waivers - All persons mounting horses must have PHC rider liability waivers on file in our office beforehand.  Boarders must additionally complete a PHC Additional Rider / Facility Use Fee form for every single person if you wish to share the use of your horse.  Immediate family members and fellow PHC boarders, while the owner is away on vacation or otherwise, are exempted from the Additional Rider fee.  Outside trainers or instructors are strictly forbidden with absolutely no exceptions allowed.

Please note: The information provided on this webpage is an abbreviated version of the terms included in the PHC Boarding Agreement.